American Flag Tattoos & American Flag Tattoo Designs

Pride fills me as I write about American Flag Tattoos… There are few, if any, other nations of the World that have a flag that is as eye-catching as the American flag.

The sense or pride that we all feel towards the ‘stars and stripes’ makes for a particularly popular choice as a centerpiece to any tattoo design.

The use of the red and blue colors, together with the white for the stripes and 50 stars make for a very crisp and contemporary looking piece.

American flag tattoo designs look great even if this is the only feature of a tattoo. For this type of piece the American flag will look especially effective if the artist is able to capture the illusion of the flag actually blowing in the breeze.

For this, they may very well include a pole at either side of the flag to make the tattoo look even more realistic.

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Another very popular way of featuring an American flag tattoos is to incorporate this pattern onto a geographical outline of the United States itself. This looks very catchy and luckily enough, the US is a perfect shape for this design to work really well.

The stars and blue background would usually be placed in the position of the north-western states and then the red and white stripes run horizontally across the remainder of the country. In fact, there is no end to how you can choose to include an American flag tattoo design. When browsing through databases that contain ideas here, you will soon see that just about every object that you can think of has been adapted to include the American flag background. It’s a non-complicated pattern that works well for anything you can think of.

It has to be said and although some people may feel that it is a little ‘old school’, you cannot beat an American flag tattoo design that has a fierce eagle about to grab its prey, in front of the flag design itself.

This has been a popular choice for people to sport on their bodies for decades and it remains so to this day. You can choose the American flag tattoo design to be the central feature with any idea that you may have. In fact, there is no end to the possibilities here. What’s more, the design will stand out on just about any part of your body you choose to place it.

Be this from the top of your bicep, to sitting proudly on the side of your calf muscle, American flag tattoo designs will always look great. Men may well prefer larger pieces, where American flags are concerned. But these designs will still look equally effective for the ladies as well. The use of color in the flag design is exceptionally versatile and it can be adjusted into a definite masculine piece, or a smaller and decidedly feminine tattoo.

For ideas on American flag tattoos why not search through the tattoo databases and get an idea of what appeals to you the most. Prepare yourself though, as you will certainly be surprised by the shear number of design ideas there are out there. You should be pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect design for yourself, but if one is not quite there, any talented tattoo artist should be able to tailor it to your specifications.

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