Anchor Tattoos & Anchor Tattoo Designs

Anchor tattoos are a simple and effective idea that have been around for absolute decades.

Originally they would have been synonymous with naval personnel who were definitely the most likely candidates to have tattoos in the first place.

Today, however, the popularity for tattooing has increased at an astonishingly fast pace and the simple anchor tattoo design has pretty much tended to follow this trend.

Anchors are used to ensure that a ship or boat remains stationery within a specific set point. This will be achieved through either the anchor attaching itself to materials on the sea bed or by way of the fact that most anchors are just so heavy in the first place. They will always be made of the heaviest possible metal and there are only really two elements to the design of an anchor.

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The pole running vertically, usually with chain-mail attached at the end to help hoist the anchor up and down. Then a curved (almost semi-circle) shape at the bottom of the anchor with hooks at either end. All-in-all, whist there is not that much to the shape and design of an anchor, such tattoo ideas really do work surprisingly well. Anchors are not complicated patterns and this translates well when applied onto the body in the form of a tattoo. That is not to say that you are restricted to having a very simple piece; as you’re not.

Anchor tattoos do not necessarily just have to be in black or grey color. Instead, the design can look even more intricate and you can incorporate as many colors as you choose. If you are new to the idea of anchor tattoo designs you will not believe the number of ways in which such a simple shape has been manipulated. You name it, talented tattoo designers have thought about it and managed to capture some truly unique and very modern looking pieces. You can even have anchor tattoo designs done using the Celtic or tribal styles. Both of which are probably the most popular genres of tattooing at the moment.

The seriously sharp use of black ink alone is very attention grabbing and you can choose to have the anchor as large or as small as you like. You can also have more tribal work done around the central anchor design, if you’re looking to cover a larger part of your body. Anchor tattoo designs would traditionally tend to look better placed on a male wearer. However, the design can and has been adapted to include more color and elaborate detail to make for an excellent choice for women as well. Even a smaller tribal or Celtic anchor would look particularly at home in the lower back or shoulder area for any lady.

You can have just about any other object you can think of placed alongside an anchor tattoo design. Some popular examples include things like pin-up girls, swallows, eagles, hearts and scrolls. If you want your piece to resemble a darker side, you can incorporate a skull into the design and these two objects work really well together.

If you like your work to be more unique, go through tattoo databases to get an idea of the general style you are after and print these off and take them along to your local tattooist for them to bring to life on your body.

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