Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Designs

Butterfly fairy tattoos are a unique interpretation of the usual fairy. A butterfly fairy tattoo combines the whimsical spirit and innocence of fairy with the change or transformation that are symbolized by butterflies. For this reason butterfly fairies are often considered to be wish fairies.

While all fairies are seen to be the personification of a person’s hopes and dreams, the butterfly fairy is said to be able to grant these wishes. They are often more prized because of the beauty of their wings, and the range of personality that can be represented with a butterfly fairy tattoo. Some people believe that by creating the butterfly fairy to represent your dearest wish, and placing it on your body, that it will help those wishes to come true.

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Butterfly fairies can be represented as either very childlike and innocent, many times they are pictured as children, or they are strong, beautiful and elegant women. Butterfly fairies because of their connection to nature are often depicted either with wings the color and style of real butterflies, or as representations of elements. If a butterfly fairy is depicting an element often the wings and the clothing well match in color and theme to the element.



Butterfly fairies have a strong connection to nature, even moreso than other fairies because they take many of their characteristics from nature itself. They live deep in the forest and are very shy. But when they do make friends, they are friends for life, which make butterfly fairy tattoos ideal for friendship tattoos.

Butterfly fairies are popular tattoos because they are very feminine and they allow for a wide range of color and creativity. They can be depicted or alone or surrounded by a nature scene. Some butterfly fairies are even created to represent dark or gothic themes, so it really depends on your personality and what you would like to see in your butterfly fairy tattoo.

Butterfly fairy tattoos are ideal for nearly every part of the body. If you are looking to get a simple outline done without much detail, then the popular places for them are the ankles and the hip. For a more detailed and colorful butterfly fairy a larger area is typically needed.

Since butterfly fairy tattoos allow for a wide range of expression and color it is important to have an idea of what you want to it to represent. Like most depictions of fairies, butterfly fairies are either shown as children or young women. Their wings are normally the focal point of the design because unlike normal fairy tattoos, butterfly fairy tattoos will have a great deal more color and intricacy in the wings.

Often the fairies will be done as a profile and in a sitting position, and in rare occasions they will be depicted in a standing position. This is done in order to keep the emphasis of the tattoo on the wings. Sometimes they will have a bit of scene details added in with the fairy sitting either among flowers or upon a crescent moon. More detailed scenes will sometimes include a moonlit sky with the ocean, or a large forest scene, or sometimes even a graveyard for gothic style fairies.

A few celebrities have decided to get butterfly fairy tattoos with the most notable being Brittney Spears. She has a small child fairy, on her back. The wings are done in a rainbow style and contrary to most designs the fairy is standing. Brittney like many women chose to place it on the small of her back. Actress Amber Tamblyn has a butterfly fairy tattoo above her left ankle. Alyssa Milano has her fairy with butterfly wings as well, and it is underneath her belly button.

Butterfly wings add a unique and creative aspect to your fairy tattoo, and in some ways makes them seem more realistic because they have that connection to nature.

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