Cherub Tattoo Designs

For the most part, cherubs would be considered to be a representation of all that is good. However, some portrayals of these pint sized angels can adopt a slightly more macabre and even sinister image. For example, Ezekiel (a biblical prophet), has seen fit to portray cherubs as having four faces. One of a lion, one of an eagle, an ox and the forth of a man.

With such variation in how a cherub could look, this literally opens up the floodgates to a plethora of ideas. And haven’t the cherub tattoo designers been hard at work with this in mind! For a more feminine looking piece, it is a good idea if the overall cherub tattoo designs encapsulate the child-like innocence of a small angel.

To best achieve this, extensive color usage is often called for and the cherub will usually have very fine and portrait-like details.

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Cherub tattoo designs make for delicate and extremely pretty designs for ladies and the wearer can choose to have such a piece placed wherever she likes. The top of the shoulder or the lower back is a particularly elegant site for such a piece of body art.

Moving into a more masculine realm, for cherub tattoo designs, you will soon see how these small angels can be incorporated into some truly magnificent master pieces. In fact, when black and grey shading is used specifically, cherubs will take on a whole new meaning and the end result is an elaborate and definitely masculine looking piece.

Cherub tattoo designs can take on a darker portrayal of these creatures and, in fact, some designs that have a definite air of evil about them work astonishingly well. If you are looking for a larger piece, cherub tattoos are an excellent place to start.

They will make an ideal central feature and you can then add as much extra detail and background around this as you want. This can end up in some of the best half or full sleeve designs that you are ever going to see around. So… I bet you thought that cherub tattoos were rather restricted?

Well, hopefully now you are having second thoughts. Cherub tattoo designs will have different meanings to different cultures and religions. It is entirely up to you which of these symbolic characters you wish to emphasize on in your final piece. By all means, pursue the traditional ‘sweet and innocent’ traits that are widely associated with cherubs. On the other hand, opt for those more ‘sinister’ traits and create a tattoo that is going to look absolutely awesome.

This choice of tattoo design allows you to be completely unique and there is no limitation to the amount of different colors you can add to any design.If you have found a cherub tattoo design that you are particularly keen on, but feel it just needs some slight tweaking to get it to what you want, don’t be afraid to take your idea along to a tattoo artist. They should be able to visualize where you are coming from and adapt the piece to your exact requirements.

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