Confederate Flag Tattoo Designs

There are many different varieties of the confederate tattoo. The possibilities for using any kind of flag in a tattoo are endless.

The flag can be tattooed on any part of the body as a casual flag but also as a piece of clothing of an imaginary being and it can be used for any object in the tattoo.

There are many confederate flag tattoo designs out there but where exactly does this tattoos originate from?

The confederate flag represented the Confederate States of America before and during the civil war in the United States (1861-1864). This war was fought mainly because of the different opinions about slavery.

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You can basically say that the southern slavery states back then wanted to be able to have slaves and the leaders of the United States were working on plans to abandon slavery in every state. This was the main cause for the war and this is when the confederate flag came to be.

Even though you will most likely not find an Afro-American with one of the many confederate flag tattoo designs, most people have their own personal opinions about the rebel flag, and some think the tattoo represents the more admirable qualities of the South.

The flag is interpretated differently by everybody but it can be said that the confederate flag tattoo designs are quite popular especially in the southern states of the United States. The Confederate flag now symbolizes the same south in a different way. Southern hospitality, southern pride, love for the cities and states people live in and the love for the people they live with are common thoughts for people that choose one of the confederate flag tattoo designs. The fact that the confederate flag tattoo designs are somehow related to slavery has been forgotten by many.

The Confederate flag tattoo designs also represent the will for less government, rights to have people govern themselves and less taxes. The confederate flag is made up from a blue cross with white outer lines and 13 white stars in it. The flag has a red background. The flag has 13 stars which represent the states that were part of the Confederate States of America. The flag is quite popular and a source of inspiration for people that want to have a tattoo done.

The Confederate flag tattoo designs can be seen tattooed on a lot of different spots on people’s bodies especially in the southern states. Even though many people take the tattoo to express the love for their southern roots only it must be said that others might make a link to racism so be careful when you make the decision on where to place the tattoo and in what way it might affect your life.

If in example you have a job where your tattoo will be exposed and will be in contact with a lot of people that do not know you it might be wise to have the tattoo done on a place where it can’t be seen easily just to prevent any problems. The confederate flag tattoo designs can be used on any part of the body and they can consist of different elements.

You can in example dress up a specific person or imaginary creature in a confederate flag, put it on a bike or around a basketball, football or anything similar depending on your interests. Getting a tattoo done is a step which carefully has to be thought through and getting a confederate flag tattoo done should be thought through even more because it can have an even greater impact on your life. A tattoo will most likely stay with you for the rest of your life so give it some time before you make your decision.

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