Forearm Tattoos | Forearm Tattoo Designs

Forearm tattoos are more popular with men but nowadays the number of women that wish to have a forearm tattoo is increasing.

Forearm tattoo designs are not so easy to hide even though these tattoos are not so visible as a whole sleeve tattoos or upper arm tattoos, but still if you aren’t wearing long sleeves, spotting your tattoo would be quite easy.

This is one of the reasons why you need to make sure that you really like your future design since it will be something you will carry for the rest of your life on a quite visible spot.

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By choosing your forearm tattoo design make sure it fits the place where you want it to be. If you want a forearm tattoo then the design needs to be adequate to match your forearm. Forearm tattoos, as mentioned before can be done in any style, depending purely on your desire.

Tribal designs can look really great on this spot. Animal motifs and various symbols written in a line could also look good. A tattoo is your personal possession. It represents you and it needs to have a deeper meaning for you.

If you don’t have any idea what kind of design you would like to have tattooed on your forearm, you should browse a bit online, or visit a good tattoo shop in your city and browse their catalogues. Being unique is what matters, so copying an already existing design is not as good option as it is to develop your own design. Examples from the catalogues and already made tattoos should only serve you as guideline and inspiration to create your own design.

If you are interested in forearm tattoos consulting with a good tattoo artist would be good, since he/she can give you plenty ideas and suggestions and eventually help you create your final tattoo design. In the ancient times, one of the first forms of art was applied on the skin.

Human skin was the most perfect canvas of all and any tattoo done at the time gave a specific meaning to its wearer. The first paint brushes for this specific art were sticks and other various sharp objects used with fire.

In those times tattooing involved scarification, a process that involved wounding the skin and packing ash or dirt into the cut to color it permanently. Tattooing in the old times involved pain, blood and the use of fire and therefore it was considered to be a process where the sacred forces of life were released. Blood was associated with a religious sacrifice of oneself to the Gods.

Most of the primitive tattoos involved animal symbols and forms and they were considered to bring the protection to the wearer from an attack that could be caused by the same painted animal. Basically, a tattoo could be placed anywhere on the body and most common tattoos are to be found on the upper arm, back, shoulders and ankles.

Forearm is not considered to be common place for a tattoo. However, tattoos done on forearms could have a very unique design and look great. Basically forearm tattoos can be done in any style or color, depending on the wearer’s desire.

They can be done on just one forearm or even on both. The size of a tattoo done on a forearm tattoos can vary. A tattoo can cover a very large portion of one’s arm, like from the elbow to the wrist or can be smaller, like half a sleeve. Designs of forearm tattoos can be basically anything, from letters and various symbols, animal designs, spider webs (starting from an elbow), tribal designs, flowers or even flames. You could also consider combining various styles that you like to come up with a unique design of your forearm tattoo.

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