Italian Tattoos & Italian Tattoo Designs

Italian tattoos come in a variety of types and styles. They are all different representations of Italian culture and most commonly a symbol of pride in one’s heritage.

While the most common Italian tattoos are of the flag or of the outline of Italy there are a number of different choices in Italian tattoo designs. The Italian Cross is a very important symbol in Italian heritage.

Even though Rome is considered separate from Italy, Italians still take great pride in the historical connection of the Vatican cross to their history and heritage.

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It is common to see crosses done in a medieval style, draped in the Italian flag as an expression of Italian culture and dedication to religion. It also harkens back to the time of the Renaissance with Italy and the Church at its center.

The Italian Horn is also a popular tattoo to represent Italian culture and heritage. The Italian horn is worn in Italy as protection against the evil eye. In ancient culture the evil eye was believed to attack the forces of reproduction, including nursing mothers and their babies, as well as male genitalia. The horn was a symbol of Moon Goddess which was a pagan goddess worshipped in Italy before the rise of Christianity. The Italian horn was traditionally made in gold, silver or red coral. Italian Horn pendants are sold in jewelry stores all over Italy to this day.

Another common choice to represent pride in an Italian heritage is to write sayings in Italian. This can be related to Italy, or be something personal. These are widespread and popular because they are seen as exotic and romantic. It is very important, if you do not speak fluent Italian, to consult someone who does speak Italian to ensure that your saying is correctly translated and says exactly what you want it to.

Though images of the Italian flag and Italy itself are quite popular they can still be beautiful and unique images of pride in one’s Italian heritage.

Italian tattoo designs are very popular with people of Italian descent and those who are attracted to the history and culture of Italy. There are a number of different choices and designs for an Italian themed tattoo that go beyond the simple image of the Italian flag.

Many people choose to have representations of the Italian Horn or the Italian Cross included along with images of the Italian flag. In many designs the Italian flag is draped over the image of the cross.

In others the flag is placed alongside the image of Italy. Since images of Italy and the Italian flag are popular in order to create a unique tattoo you should incorporate your own personality into the tattoo.

Nearly all Italian tattoos incorporate the red, white and green colors of the Italian flag. These can be through the flag itself, or through filling in text or the image of Italy with the colors of the flag. Black and white options are usually limited to the outline of Italy or the Italian phrases or script. Most Italian phrases are either common Italian sayings or something personal to person with the tattoo.

If you do want to stick with the Italian flag there are a number of different artistic ways that it can be done that can be completely unique and beautiful. The choices range from a simple rectangle image of the flag to the flag wrapped around or entwined within something else.

Italian phrases and tattoos are common among Italian celebrities, but less so among popular American celebrities. But Project Runway contestant Jeffrey Sebelia has “Harrison Detroit is the love of my life” written in Italian around his neck, in honor of his young son.

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