Mermaid Tattoos & Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaid tattoos have had a long and symbolic history in both Western and Oriental myth. Nearly ever culture that has lived near the ocean has presented some sort of tale about the mysterious women on the water.

For the Greeks and Romans, mermaids were beautiful creatures who lived near rocks at the shore.

They would sue their beautiful songs to lure unwitting sailors to their deaths. Mermaids are most known today because of reports from sailors of sightings. While this is more likely attributable to fatigue and the fact that women were typically not allowed on ships, the belief and mythology has flourished.

Sailors would commonly get mermaid tattoo designs in respect for the beautiful and mythical creatures that they often thought they saw. But sailors are always wary of them because the belief remains that their songs are able to bring an entire crew to their death by causing their ship to crash against the rocks.

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Most of the symbolism that is found in mermaids today spawns from the ancient Greek belief that mermaids were the result of unions between Gods and sea creatures. Mermaids have always been closely tied to the Goddess of love Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans). Mermaids are said to signify feminine beauty and fertility. They are usually represented with long flowing hair which symbolizes abundant love potential. This is ironic because nearly all mythology involving sailors with mermaids will usually end in tragedy with the death of the sailor.

Today in nearly every culture mermaids are known for their ability to lure sailors to their death. But it is their beauty that continues to make them beloved and treasured mythological creatures.

Mermaid Tattoo Designs truly are a special and unique types of tattoo.

Mermaids are very popular tattoos among women and sailors for the represent both feminine beauty and the perils and wonders of the sea. Traditionally the common place for a sailor to get a mermaid tattoo was on his forearm, much like they way in which some men would get images of popular pinup girls.

Mermaids allow for a great deal of diversity in design, color and size. Most mermaids are done in colors because their fin, hair and ocean home make for bright colorful tattoos. Women will often get the tattoos done on their back, arms or ankles. While many men will go for the typical location of the forearm or the legs are a popular choice as well.

For men it is important to note that many mermaid tattoos can be a bit raunchy and therefore not well received by many women, which is something to consider if you have a significant other. On the other hand mermaid tattoos can be very sweet and romantic. A popular version is a mother mermaid with her infant child encircled in her arms and fin, which is a popular option by new fathers to represent the love they have for their wife and child.

If you are looking to get a typical sailor’s tattoo, then the tattoo should incorporate other nautical themes. Many sailors with mermaid tattoos with incorporate anchors, ships or extravagant representations of the water. This was a common way to show one’s dedication to the beauty and power of the ocean.

Celebrities with Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaids are also popular tattoo designs among celebrities. Musician and model Samantha Fox has a mermaid tattoo on her butt while Christina Ricci has hers on her left ankle. British television presenter Fearne Cotton has an old school 50’s pin up girl style mermaid on her lower back.

Mermaids, despite appearing very feminine are popular tattoos among both men and women and can have a variety of different meanings for the person wearing them.

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