Peacock Tattoos & Peacock Tattoo Designs

Let’s discuss peacock tattoos, shall we? The peacock, or rather its feather, has become a very popular choice in a variety of tattoos.

They are typically represented in Asian and Middle East tattoos for their vibrant colors.

Whereas in European culture the peacock feather is regarded with suspicion due to the remnants of ancient mythology.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome the peacock feather was seen as a representation of the “evil eye.”

This comes from the idea of the peacock being the bird of a thousand eyes because of the design on their tail feather, it was said that because of these eyes, the birds witness everything even our transgressions.

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This belief prevails today as many European households will not let a peacock feather enter their households.

Christianity took hold of peacocks because of this all seeing eye being the same as that of God. Christianity also believed that peacock meat was incorruptible, so the peacock became a sacred emblem. Today its meaning is that of resurrection, immortality and one’s pure soul.  In China it is believed that the peacock represents divinity and rank as well. Peacocks have been symbols of royalty for centuries and it was often known to swear by the peacock meant an unbreakable oath.

Peacock tattoos are usually chosen for their bright colors and their symbolism. Since peacocks are meant to represent resurrection they can often be chosen for personal reasons. This can be either in memory of a death or in memory of a recovery or turning point in someone’s life. When incorporating them into Asian and Middle Eastern tattoos they add color and history in that these cultures believe in the power and immortality of these birds.

Peacock tattoos are popular because of their ability to truly explore the colors that are possible with tattoo ink. These tattoos are always brightly colored and full of intricate details that make the bird truly come alive. Because of the potential that peacock tattoos have, they are normally done relatively big.

Because of the size, peacock tattoos are normally done on the back or as a sleeve tattoo. The bright colors work well with wrapping around the arm, because immediately draw attention and look great. With a peacock tattoo it is important to have a story behind it because once people see the tattoo they are definitely going to ask about it. Peacocks can also be incorporated into other tattoos, like Asian or Middle Eastern themes.

They are featured in pagoda scenes or alongside a samurai because of their representation of power and immortality. If you do not want a large scale tattoo peacocks can be smaller with less color, but then you will not get the full benefit of the detail and styling that is possible.

Another option for someone looking for a smaller tattoo but still with the color and detail, or as simple way to incorporate it into another design, is to use just a feather. Peacock feathers have the same meaning and symbolism but they offer a smaller alternative that can still be big enough to have the bright colors.

Celebrity Peacock Tattoos

Celebrities have also taken in the bright colors and symbols of peacock tattoos, but one of the best peacock tattoos was actually done on the show LA Ink. A young woman named Hannah got a peacock tattoo in season two, in representation of her mother. The tattoo covered her entire arm and was a perfect representation of the beauty and color that is possible with a peacock tattoo. Playboy model Elisa Laub also has a very large peacock tattoo covering her right shoulder and tailing down her back.

When you consider a peacock tattoo it is important to have an idea of what you want and what colors you want, so that you can really make the design pop when you get it done.

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