Shamrock Clover Tattoo Designs

The shamrock is an easily recognizable symbol and is often thought of to be the “icon” of Ireland.

The legend of the lucky clover is one that nearly everyone knows and so it comes of no surprise that a Shamrock clover tattoo designs are thought to bring luck.

But what is perhaps more important that its representation of luck, is its representation of pride in Irish culture.

Shamrocks are a symbol of Irish pride and therefore they are an artistic and thoughtful way to show off your heritage.

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The shamrock was grown in ancient Ireland by druids who treasured the plant because of its resemblance to the Celtic triple spiral image. Later it was adapted to Christianity as well, as it is said that Saint Patrick used the clover to explain the Holy Trinity, in which there are three representations of one God. It this way it has become somewhat of a religious symbol as well.

Strangely enough for the historical and religious representations, it is the three leaf clover that is prized and important. Originally these shamrocks were grown and prized for their three leaves, and in fact a four leaf clover cannot be called an Irish Shamrock.

But then where did the lucky clover come from? Actually the idea of a lucky clover was created by the Druids and Celtics, who soon realized how rare a four leaf clover was, and believed it was protection against hostile spirits. This mythology continues today in the belief that four leaf clovers are lucky, and that luck is thought to extend to shamrock clover tattoo designs.

And, you really have to be lucky to find one as there is only one natural four leaf clover for every 10,000 three leaf clovers. So both types of clovers do hail back to Irish history and mythology but today only three leaf clovers are considered true shamrocks, but they are not lucky.

Whether you choose the historical shamrock tattoo or the lucky clover tattoo, you’ll have a tattoo full of meaning and representation. When most people think of a shamrock clover tattoo they imagine a very bright green, plain, four leaf symbol. But in reality shamrock clover tattoos will often incorporate other Celtic elements, like entwining a Celtic knot symbol with the outline of the clover.

The combination of the Celtic knot and the clover combines both the clover itself and what the Celtics believed the clover to be a representation of. There are a variety of different ways to keep the tattoo from feeling plain or boring, even a little shading and contour can make a very big difference in the appearance of a clover tattoo.

Since Shamrock clover tattoos can be as detailed or a simple as you would like they can be made to nearly any size and fit nearly anywhere on the body. Because they are considered to be lucky, even people who are not Irish have taken to placing tiny clover tattoos. It has lately become fashionable to have a tiny clover tattoo on your wrist or ankle.

Celebrity Shamrock Clover Tattoos

Actresses Joely Fisher and Melanie Griffith have small clover tattoos on their ankles. Richard Grieco put his clover tattoo on his calf. Musician Jamie Walters also has a clover tattoo and he paired his with a couple of dice, showing how he is hoping that it will bring him real luck.

Shamrock clover designs themselves do not leave as much room for personality as other tattoo designs, but they often have a deeper meaning to heritage or just a small representation for luck.

Whether it’s the luck of the Irish, you’re a fan of House of Pain, or you just plain dig the looks of Shamrock Clover tattoos, you just can’t go wrong getting this type of ink.

Shamrock Clover Tattoo Designs