Shark Tattoos & Shark Tattoo Designs

The shark means different things to different cultures and therefore shark tattoos can also mean a variety of different things. For Western cultures the shark is seen as a fearsome predator of the sea.

For superstitious sailors it is an ominous symbol of death, and there is the belief that a shark following the ship is a sign that someone is going to die. For this reason, sailors will often get shark tattoo designs to show that they are not afraid of death at sea.

Among Native American cultures the shark was highly respected as an excellent hunter. It was often incorporated into totems to express the talents of the hunter, the ability to adapt and survive. In Australia the shark is also regarded with respect and awe and is seen as a symbol of the connection between land and sea.

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For Polynesian peoples the shark tattoo was said to offer protection from enemies, even sharks. A Polynesian fisherman would often get a shark tattoo in order to protect him and his vessel from shark attack.

The shark is also a popular choice for a tattoo because of its fearsome reputation and therefore makes a very tough and frightening tattoo. For many people  shark tattoo designs represents inner strength and power. There are different meanings depending on the type of shark represented in the tattoo, for example the Hammerhead Shark is often chosen not only because of its easily recognizable image but also because of its ruthlessness toward humans. People will often choose a Hammerhead shark tattoo in order to show that they are not afraid of anything.

Shark tattoo designs can be made to look as fierce or as cartoonish as you desire but the underlying meaning of strength and power remains the same.

Shark tattoo designs are widely popular among sailors because they are both respected and feared. Depending on the size and style of the tattoo this fear and respect can be shown in a number of different ways. Shark tattoos look great both in color and in black and white.

Most shark tattoos are done on the arm or chest in order to allow for a bigger size and for greater detail. But those looking for a shark tattoo in a smaller location can choose to either do a trial shark tattoo or a shark silhouette tattoo. This style of tattoo can be done anywhere on the body but a popular location is on the ankle.

When choosing between color and black and white options it is important to note that most color designs for sharks often appear cartoony when completed. If you are looking to add color to your shark tattoo make sure to find a design or an artist that can create exactly the look you are going for.

Many shark tattoo designs will incorporate waves or a water background in order to show the shark in its element and as an expression of its power in the water. The extent of the background image is entirely dependent on the amount of space reserved for the tattoo and your own preference.

Celebrity Shark Tattoos

There are a number of celebrities who have chosen to represent the strength and power of the shark on their bodies. Dennis Rodman shows his inner strength with a shark tattoo on his bicep. Prince Fredrick of Denmark has a shark tattoo on his leg for service in the Danish elite forces. Singer Nick Carter has a shark on his bicep as well.

When choosing a shark tattoo it is important to keep in mind the inner strength and power that they represent so that you can have your own strength and power come out in shark tattoos.

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