Tattoo Designs for Women

One of the most fundamental things to arise from the recent explosion in popularity for body art is the very fact that more and more women are now looking to follow this trend. Whereas only a few decades ago, women may not have felt particularly comfortable to have a tattoo done, nowadays, it is so much more acceptable for the ladies to sport their body art proudly. As a consequence, there is now a myriad different tattoo designs for women to choose between and there should be something to cater for every single taste.

Tattoos for women tend to be considerably smaller than the designs that are more aimed at the male wearer. Moreover, these designs will often involve the use of far more color; when they do rely on just black or grey shading, they will not appear quite so bold and brash as the designs that are more geared towards the men. Tattoo designs for women have been created in every genre of body art: be this tribal tattoo designs, old school, Celtic… if a specific type of tattoo appeals to you more than any other, the chances are good that there will be plenty of tattoos for women specifically.

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Although more women are having tattoos done today, they may still want to be a little careful in the amount of body art they have and where they choose to place it. Tattoos will always look quite masculine – no matter what the particular design portrays. There are many people who believe that the big designs and half or full sleeves, for example, never look good on a female wearer; but then, at the end of the day, this all comes down to personal choice.

The Type of Tattoo Designs for Women Available

So, as we have already said above, if there is a particular genre of tattooing that appeals to you the most, you should easily be able to find several tattoos for women to choose between. Many such designs will often take on a more feminine twist: this may involve the use of animals and symbols that are more specifically thought of as being feminine. Some good examples here will be delicate flowers, birds, butterflies, hearts etc.

There is another fundamental difference that seems to be prevalent in tattoos for women. This is that the line work used in these types of designs will often be less thick than what you are likely to see in the tattoos that are aimed at men. The overall appearance of the tattoo will usually be so much more delicate and dainty.

Where tattoo designs for women are from the tribal and Celtic genres, on first thought it may seem impossible to find pieces that are sufficiently feminine, but you really would be wrong here. Even when the tattoo just uses black and dark shading, the overall design can still be made to look good for a female wearer. For a start, the design will not smack you between the eyes, like a piece for men is more inclined to do. The eventual piece will sit comfortably and beautifully on the wearer and will only accentuate her femininity.

Where Best to Place Tattoos for Women

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people in the world who are less accepting when it comes to tattoos on women, compared with men. Body art was primarily a reserve for the guys for many thousands of years, therefore perhaps we need to understand that such a big change in attitude is going to take its time in filtering down completely. If you are considering tattoos for women, you need to think about exactly where best to place it.

Depending on the country you live in and how likely it would be that your society would ostracise you for having a tattoo placed in a specific area, will help you to decide where best to place your body art. At the end of the day, this is always entirely up to you, but do have a regard to the rest of your life: for example, would you still feel completely comfortable if you have work placed on your neck or forearms when you are in your sixties? Obviously, you cannot really answer that one hundred per cent when you are only in your twenties or thirties, so some careful foresight is always a good idea.

Some women are to be admired for the fact that they are such strong characters they really could not give a damn what other people think of their ink. At the end of the day, they are quite right when they think that it’s totally tough if other people fail to appreciate their tattoos. So, you need to determine your strength of character accordingly and then decide where best to place your body art.

If you are a lady that would prefer a definite element of discretion, the most popular parts of the body in which to place tattoos are the top corners of the back, the lower back area, and even the lower ankle proves to be very popular with tattoos for women. But as women are certainly getting more and more brave with their tattoos, you go right ahead and have yours placed wherever you want it.