Vine Tattoos & Vine Tattoo Designs

While they may not seem it, vine tattoos are filled with historical, religious and cultural symbolism.

They can be a tattoo that truly represents where you come from or what you believe, while being a beautiful and simplistic design.

For Christianity, the vine is seen as a symbol of resurrection and ascension.

It is said that Jesus declared himself a vine and that all of his followers were its branches.

In this way a vine tattoo has been used to represent a spiritual connection with Jesus and religion itself. Today in Christianity, the vine is seen as a symbol of peace and bounty.

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For the Romans, ivy was often seen as a symbol of immortality. The Roman God of revelry and wine wore an ivy crown as a representation of his immortality. But the God claimed that the crown increased the intoxicating effect of the wine, and for this reason was never depicted without his crown. So the vine can be symbol of the desire for unending and full life, or for someone who wants likes to party and drink.

For the Celtics the vine was a symbol of strength and determination. The pagans believed that it was sign of everlasting life and death. This is due to the fact that a vine can either hold up a tree and keep it from falling or it can choke the nutrients from a tree and kill it. A vine tattoo designs wrapped around the arm can be a good expression of this idea of the balance between life and death.

For many cultures each type of vine holds its own meaning and significance. So you can even choose a specific type of vine tattoo to represent characteristics you have or want to have. Vine tattoos are considered very fashionable and they are a good simple option for a first tattoo. They have the added benefit of always having a story behind them, and are therefore great conversation starters.

Vine tattoos are not only beautiful and very customizable but they can be placed anywhere on the body. They normally wrap around the arms or legs. The common vine tattoos is done much like tribal bands in that it is normally placed around the ankle, bicep or wrist. They are very popular option among women as they will tie together floral tattoos while offering a small and feminine embellishment. But there are a number of different options, such as a vine that climbs up the body or one that is incorporated into another design.

Vine tattoos offer simple and easy ways to outline a tattoo and add a little extra character and meaning to it. Other options are to use vine tattoos as a way to embellish inscriptions or to add extra color within other designs. Some tattoo artists can even include lettering within the swirls and movement of the vine, so that you can have a secret word or name within the vine that only you can see.

Celebrities have also joined into the popular idea of vine tattoos as well. Actress Christina Applegate has a vine on her left ankle, which is a simple black swirl. Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day has a vine around his arm and Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace has vines covering a cross on his left shoulder blade.

When looking for vine tattoos it is important to think about not only how you want it to look but how you want it to climb. Vine tattoos have diversity in that any type of flowers, leaves, images or words can be easily combined within the original designed or added later.

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