Wiccan Tattoo Designs

Wiccan tattoos are picture representations of an ancient pagan religion.

Whether or not you are choosing a Wiccan tattoo designs because you believe in the religion, it is important to understand what Wicca is and what it means.

The reason for this is that not only will you have a better understanding of the tattoo itself but you will be sure that it is something you want to express on your body.

Wicca is often associated with witchcraft because they practice magic and perform spells. While this is true Wicca is more about becoming in tune and connecting with nature.

Wicca is a very peaceful religion, existing upon one sole motto of “Do what you will, but harm none,” they also live by the rule of three.

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The rule of three is a very significant part of the Wiccan religion stating that whatever you do, for good or bad comes back to you threefold. Wicca is a pagan religion in that there is a belief in more than one god, as they believe in the God and Goddess. These two deities represent the duality in nature.

Wiccan tattoos incorporate common symbols in Wiccan culture. The most popular ones are the pentagrams and the elements. Wiccans believe that their power is derived from the elements and the powers bestowed on them by the God and the Goddess.

Many Wiccans will believe that they are connected to a specific element and will therefore place a representation of that element on their body. Other Wiccans will believe in the pentagram as whole because the five pointed star represents the four elements of earth and a fifth element of spirit.

Other Wiccan tattoos include images of the God and Goddess, either in representations of those aspects of nature that they preside over or of the Sun and Moon. The Goddess is believed to get her power from the sun while the God gets his from the moon.

Wiccan tattoos will incorporate a number of these elements if they larger, but smaller tattoos will typically be of just the pentagram or of an individual element. Wiccan tattoos are very personal and very spiritual.

Wiccan tattoos can be placed nearly anywhere on the body but there are a number of places that hold greater significance for pagans.

Since Wiccan is very close to a person’s heart or spirituality doing a pagan tattoo on the chest is very popular.

Smaller versions are often done on the wrist or hands because these are the hands that perform the rituals and work with the wands and crystals.

When designing a Wiccan tattoo it is important to know what the symbols and more importantly what orientation you would like. For example a pentagram point upward is a representation of the elements and the spirit, but a pentagram point down is often associated with evil and the dark of nature.

Many pagan symbols have that sort of duality so it is important to research what exactly you want your tattoo to say and how it should be placed.

Embellishments to Wiccan tattoos can be including representations of the elements, of the sun and moon as symbols for the God and Goddess, as well aspects of nature. Wiccans also believe in having spirit animals so many Wiccan tattoos will incorporate a specific animal that that person feels a strong connection to.

A number of celebrities have expressed their spiritual side through Wiccan Tattoos. Nick Cater has a moon and star pattern on his shoulder. Avril Lavigne has a pentagram tattoo on the inside of her right wrist. Star symbols are very popular among celebrities and normal people alike.

With the wide variety of tattoo designs and styles that represent Wiccan culture, nearly any type of personality can be expressed on nearly any part of the body.

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